Saving Lives. Changing Futures.

The Strong Futures Program connects justice-involved, disconnected youth and young adults to full-time employment.

The Strong Futures program began on August 1, 2016.  St. Sabina Church engaged fifty at-risk youth between the ages of seventeen and twenty eight (a population identified as most likely to end up shot or in jail because of past records, to be neither in school nor working, and to be disconnected from resources) and provided them with support, life skills, training, mentoring, and job preparation while helping to sustain a stable living situation. 

As of today, the program has placed 29 of these young people in full-time jobs, and 21 in permanent part-time (twenty six hours per week) jobs.  The goal moving forward is to expand the program by adding another mentoring and fifty new young people; stabilize their present living and life conditions; and work with various companies-those already in partnership with the church as well as new ones-to give work opportunities to these young men, enabling them to become self-sufficient while continuing to support the present members to reach their goals.