The Peace Maker program include workshops that allow participants who are currently involved in gangs to reflect on their present life situation, learn how to effectively resolve conflict, and identify ways in which they can change their lives for the better.

St. Sabina’s Peace Maker program is dedicated to helping young men walk away from gang and gun violence by providing them with wrap around services such as mentoring, education, and employment opportunities. St. Sabina has four Peace Maker Outreach Workers, who provide resources to youth in the community, and refer them to various programs that will help get them off of the street. The outreach workers also serve as mediators amongst gang members, working to deescalate potential violent behavior or gang retaliation before it occurs.

The Peace Maker program, which is an expansion of the Peace Basketball League, encourages peaceful camaraderie, self-discipline and healthy conflict in a basketball competition, while also challenging them to work towards achieving other goals in their life.